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Welcome to The Southern Tier Antique Gas & Steam Engine Association Show site. Maine, NY

We are an Antique Engine show. We also have many other Old exhibits. Our show has been going on annually since 1974. Each year we come together and put out our exhibits to show how generations before us used the equipment. You can find many Gas Engines along with Tractors and collections of years gone by. As you walk along our rows of displays you can always see something that you have never seen before...and the men and woman who are displaying it are always ready to explain it or even show you how it works. No matter the age there is somthing for everyone here! Now that we're online we can keep everyone up to date on more and more! So take a stroll around our site you never know what you will find! Thanks for stopping by and check back often to see what's new or "old".



Our 2019 Show

03/23/2019 13:26
  August 23, 24, 25 - Our 45th  show will be in the Town Park - Rte 26, Maine, NY  Set-up day is August 22rd